Why lion’s mane is one of the best mushrooms for brain health *

Lions Mane For the Brain*

lion’s mane (Hericium erinaceus) The mushroom is one of our favorite mushrooms here at AdaptogenShrooms, hands down. Did you know it’s one of the best mushrooms for brain health?* We’ll explain why soon enough, but first, let’s get to know this fluffy, furry snowball of a mushroom a little better. Lion’s Mane is a beautiful, whitish, bushy mushroom found throughout the northern hemisphere.

If you haven’t heard of Lion’s Mane, you may have heard of it by another name such as:

  • Brain mushroom
  • hu of gu (in Chinese)
  • Monkey head mushroom
  • Mushroom Pom Pom
  • yamabushitake (in Japanese)

If you see Lions Mane before you know it, you might think it’s just a neat edible mushroom. And this is true. However, there is so much to learn about this fungus! With that in mind (pun intended), let’s look at the support Lion’s Mane offers for brain health.*

Why lion’s mane is one of the best mushrooms for supporting brain health*

Lion’s Mane mushroom belongs to a class of herbs (including plants and mushrooms) known as nootropics. Nootropics are traditionally used to support nerve and cognitive function.* Other nootropics include Bacopa, Rhodiola, and Ginseng.

Like all functional mushrooms, Lion’s Mane contains various active compounds, including polyphenols, beta-glucans and triterpenoids. Lion’s Mane has been referred to as the first “smart mushroom” by mycologists for its unique ability to help support healthy cognitive function within physiological limits.*

What makes lion’s mane one of the best mushrooms for brain health is the compounds ericeones and erinacins (named after the mushroom’s taxonomy) it contains.*

Myelin is another extremely important compound. It is an insulating layer that forms around all nerves, including those of the brain and spinal cord. Proper insulation allows the rapid and efficient transmission of electrical impulses within nerve cells.*

Want to try the Lion’s Mane mushroom – one of the best mushrooms for brain health -? Start with our certified organic products Lion’s Mane Focus Tincture for Cognitive Function & Memory. We add organic cinnamon bark for flavor and to support healthy circulation.*

Lion’s Mane Support Beyond the Brain*

Lion’s mane has long been used to support the body, both including and beyond the brain.* Native Americans often carried powdered lion’s mane with them and applied it topically to the skin.* Traditionally, this mushroom is also used in China to support gastrointestinal health.*

Traditional and modern uses of Lion’s Mane include:

  • Promotes mental clarity*
  • Supports healthy focus and memory*
  • Provides brain support*
  • Promotes optimal nervous system health*
  • Supports immune system health*
  • Supports cognitive function*

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