What is mushroom coffee? Learn two ways to make it at home.

Mornings are difficult for many of us, especially during the winter when it’s still cold and dark when the alarm goes off. (There’s no shame in hitting that snooze alarm once or twice!) When the bed is so warm, cozy, and comfortable, how can you drag yourself out of it? Two words: Coffee with mushrooms.

Now since you’re here – on the AdaptogenShrooms blog – we’re guessing you don’t wrinkle your nose at the idea. Mushroom coffee is definitely not like mushroom broth or broth. It’s more like your favorite AM drink. Mushroom coffee is a tasty way to start your day or wind down during a long stretch of spreadsheet revision at your desk or guiding your little ones through their e-learning courses.

What is mushroom coffee?

Mushroom coffee can mean one of two things: Coffee with mushrooms added or coffee from mushrooms. And while the coffee is brewing from Mushrooms aren’t technically coffee because they don’t contain coffee beans, the name has stuck because the taste can be somewhat similar and so can the results (in some ways).

By adding mushrooms to your coffee, you get the support of that mushroom along with the caffeine in the coffee. So, for example, you can add a dropper of Cordyceps Militaris to your latte that you grab on the way to work.

By making mushroom coffee, you can maintain the ritual of this morning beverage without the effects of caffeine. You could add lion’s mane to a cup of warm, frothy almond milk for caffeine-free clarity.* (Bonus: our lion’s mane has added cinnamon, which makes mushroom coffee even tastier.)

However you decide to make mushroom coffee, you should choose your mushrooms carefully. As you probably already know, you’ll be using a mushroom supplement (like one of our tinctures) instead of whole mushrooms you pick up from the supermarket. Save them for your dinner and look for a bottle Lion’s Mane for clarity, Reishi for relaxation, Cordyceps Militaris for energythe Daily 10 for immune support.*

How to make coffee with mushrooms, two ways

Ready to try mushroom coffee. We promise it’s a delicious way to start your day or make your afternoon. And, if you choose the decaf coffee with mushrooms, you can even fuel your evening work or study sessions (because don’t we all keep weird schedules and do our to-do lists whenever we find time?).

Version 1: The caffeine lover’s choice

While your coffee is brewing, pick your mushrooms. Maybe you’d like to try some adaptogens for their adrenal support?* Or could your mind use some extra love from Lion’s Mane?*

Get the creamer of your choice — we find that the creaminess helps the coffee and mushrooms blend more harmoniously, but if you prefer your coffee black, go for it! A little flavored cream can make your mushroom coffee more festive and just the kick you need to get you started in the morning.

Once your coffee is ready, add it to your favorite mug with a dropper of the AdaptogenShrooms tincture of your choice. Mix in your cream, along with your preferred sweetener, if you’re taking it that way. If desired, sprinkle some cinnamon, cocoa powder or nutmeg on top.

Our lion’s mane is the no-longer-secret ingredient our favorite fall latte recipe.

Then sit back, drink and savor!

Version 2: The mushroom coffee without coffee

For mushroom coffee – keep the coffee – start by heating some water. Meanwhile, gather your flowers. In the evening, you can’t beat a Reishi mushroom coffee before bed for relaxation.* Before a workout, Cordyceps Militaris is our top pick as it supports healthy energy and endurance.* And if you’re facing a big presentation or consider don’t want to risk the caffeine jitters, touch the Lion’s Mane and all the clarity it supports.*

Add your tincture(s) to a mug — it’s great to mix in mushrooms if you like. Then add your cream and/or sweetener. You can also add additional herbal tinctures if you have them.

Then pour the water, mix and enjoy!

Note: You can simply add our tinctures to hot or lukewarm water (and maybe a slice of lemon or ginger if you prefer), but the cream adds a richness that turns “mushroom tincture in hot water” into “mushroom coffee” .

For something even more special, try this Reishi sleep tonic recipe.*

No matter which version of mushroom coffee you choose, be sure to start with the best quality mushroom supplements possible. Ours are grown in the USA and we use only 100% fruiting bodies, extracted in both hot water and 190-proof alcohol.

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