What are adaptive mushrooms? Benefits, types and uses

In traditional Chinese herbalism, practitioners have used the adaptogenic properties of mushrooms for centuries. But what are adaptogenic mushrooms and what do they do?

Adaptive mushrooms are a powerful tool at your disposal to improve your overall sense of well-being – ready to learn more?

Read on for the ultimate guide adaptogenic mushrooms, the different types and their beneficial effects. This information will help you start your journey to a healthier life!

Adaptive Mushrooms Explained

Adaptive mushrooms are mushrooms that help support the body’s natural defenses against occasional stress. It is a specific type of functional mushrooms that are being considered adaptogenswhich are powerful mushrooms or herbs that can help stabilize bodily functions and help the body maintain homeostasis.

Adaptive mushrooms come in many different forms and can be found all over the world. Mushrooms are an integral part of traditional Chinese herbal practices, and the Western world is only recently recognizing the remarkable adaptogenic powers of mushrooms. Many herbalists use adaptogenic mushroom supplements with great success in helping people feel healthier and more balanced.

You should not confuse adaptogenic mushrooms with psychoactive mushrooms, called psilocybin mushrooms or “magic” mushrooms. So even though you might feel great when using adaptogenic mushrooms, you won’t get any psychedelic effects!

Types of adaptogenic mushrooms and their benefits

Let’s explore some of the main types of mushroom adaptogens and the support they provide the body through adaptogens and their benefits. There are many mushrooms supplements available to get a daily dose of each mushroom, helping you bring wellness and balance into your everyday life.


Chaga is popularly known as “the king of functional mushrooms”. It is also known for its antioxidant properties, which encourage the body’s natural ability to balance normal inflammation after exercise. Inflammation is the culprit behind many diseases and chronic conditions such as arthritis and high blood pressure. Antioxidants may also help the body manage and reduce oxidation, which can lead to other serious conditions.

As with any functional mushroom, it also contains polysaccharides, which may be beneficial in supporting the body’s management of normal blood sugar levels and supporting the immune system. Daily consumption of a mushroom supplement containing Chaga can support the immune system and help the body’s natural ability to maintain healthy cholesterol levels.


Cordyceps is known for supporting the body’s production of the ATP molecule or adenosine triphosphate. ATP is believed to support athletic performance by providing renewed energy, excitement and enthusiasm to muscles and supporting the body’s use of oxygen.

And if you want to maintain a youthful sex drive, you’re in luck! Cordyceps has been used for centuries to encourage a sense of youth and vitality in the aging body.


The reishi mushroom has been known for centuries as the “mushroom of immortality”. It is essential for the immune system, which supports the body’s natural ability to stay healthy. Reishi mushrooms can also act as a helping hand for those who suffer from occasional anxiety and low mood. The mushroom can help the body’s natural response to occasional mood swings, supporting overall mental stability and well-being.

Like other adaptogenic mushrooms, these types of mushrooms offer antioxidant support, which is essential for supporting the body’s ability to respond to the ups and downs that life throws at you.

The lion’s mane

If you want to maximize your overall health and give your body more vitality, lion’s mane mushroom is a great supplement for you. This mushroom is called lion’s mane because the holes coming from the cap of the mushroom create a beautiful mane.

Brain fog can be a serious problem for many of us. Do you ever feel like you can’t concentrate, like a zombie? Lion’s mane can be the perfect solution to your fog. Mushrooms support mental clarity, focus and concentration – keeping your brain sharp throughout the day. No wonder ancient Buddhist monks used lion’s mane as a tool to aid their focus and clarity during prayer and meditation.

In addition, lion’s mane mushrooms can help support your body’s natural ability to fight occasional stress and fatigue. If you’re looking for a stress management tool to add to your supplement routine, lion’s mane can help you feel balanced and well-equipped to deal with those occasional worries.

If you need another reason to use a lion’s mane supplement, consider that lion’s mane contains compounds that may be beneficial for the body’s management of normal inflammation after exercise.

Turkey tail

Turkey tail named after the appearance of its cap. The cap is covered in rings of warm, fall colors that make it look like a turkey tail. This mushroom is unsuitable for cooking as its texture can be very dry, thick and chewy.

Turkey tail is known for supporting the immune system, making it a particularly beneficial supplement during the winter when the body is most vulnerable. Supplements can hold your hand during the cold season and help support your immune function.

Turkey tail mushroom may also be beneficial in maintaining a healthy gut microbiome. These mushrooms contain compounds that may help encourage the growth of good bacteria in the gut. The gut is the largest organ of the immune system, and maintaining a healthy gut is important for many things, including mood, immune function, and digestion.

Taking a turkey tail supplement can also help boost your body’s natural ability to manage occasional stress and fatigue.


You’ve probably already heard of the Shiitake mushroom. It is one of the tastiest edible mushrooms and extremely popular in traditional Japanese and Chinese recipes.

The shiitake mushroom, like other functional mushrooms, contains a generous supply of 1,3 1,6 β-glucans, which are compounds that are extremely beneficial in supporting overall health. 1,3 1,6 Beta-glucans may encourage the body’s immune function and help support the body’s natural ability to produce white blood cells. Shiitake mushroom is more than a great addition to ramen noodles – it can act as your personal immune shield!

Shiitake mushrooms may encourage your body’s support for healthy cholesterol levels as they contain polysaccharides – which play an essential role in supporting cholesterol management in the body.

How to use adaptogenic mushrooms

Now that you’ve read about the potential health benefits of mushroom adaptogens, let’s talk about how to access those benefits! While some mushrooms make a great addition to your favorite recipes, you don’t have to cook with them to get the benefits.

Instead, you can incorporate adaptogenic mushrooms into your daily routine with a mushroom supplement. Mushroom supplements often combine the benefits of several different mushrooms into a single product, making it incredibly easy to get your daily dose.

Be sure to choose only high quality, organic, 100% fruiting body supplementsas these will give you the most value.

Below, we outline some of the best ways to take adaptogenic mushroom supplements so you can decide which type of supplement best fits your daily habits and rituals.


If you are looking for the fastest mushroom supplement, then drops of tincture Placed under the tongue may be the best option. Due to the large number of blood vessels under your tongue, the tincture will be absorbed quickly!

You can also try putting a few droppers in your morning coffee or adding a few droppers to your favorite recipe. This is an extremely versatile and fuss-free way to take your mushroom supplements. Since a tincture can be an easy addition to any drink, snack, or meal, incorporating it into your diet can be a great way to remember to take your supplement daily.

What are adaptogenic mushrooms?


Capsules is one of the most common and practical ways to get your functional mushrooms. You can take it with a glass of water at a time that suits you best, which makes consistent dosing extremely easy.

The adaptogenic mushroom capsule is ideal for those with a busy schedule who have to rush to work in the morning. You can even keep the mushroom capsules in your car and take them on the go, although beware of high temperatures that can melt the capsule. This is the easiest and simplest mushroom supplement.


Many people do not like taking pills, capsules or tablets. That’s why we’ve seen gummy bear multivitamins and supplements popping up everywhere in recent years – including functional mushrooms!

Mushroom gummies are a great way to enjoy a tasty treat while getting your daily dose of reishi, lion’s mane or turkey tail. There are many different mushroom blends designed to give your body the exact support it needs. Some of the best adaptogens gummy mushroom mixtures include:

Energy Gummies

This energy sticky mix designed to help you feel more energized throughout the day and avoid that afternoon slump. These gums provide all the benefits of the Cordyceps mushroom that can help your body reach optimal athletic and endurance levels.

Calm gums

Our daily lives are affected by stressful events. Getting to work on time, managing work pressure and managing our households can lead to higher stress levels. At times, these stress levels can be difficult to manage. Our adrenal glands can go into overdrive and our blood pressure can rise.

The calm gums it can help relax your nerves and help your brain enter a zen state. The benefits of reishi mushroom can help you calm down and relax – feeling like you have some backup during the day. These reishi gummies are the perfect addition to your wellness routine, supporting cardiovascular health and immune function (so occasional stress doesn’t affect your overall wellness).

Focus Gummies

Gum focus they are especially beneficial for those who suffer from occasional brain fog. Think of focus gums as food for the brain – they support your memory, focus and recall throughout the day so you stay sharp.

Focus gums may help support a thriving gut, central nervous system, and healthy cognitive function—all with the power of lion’s mane mushroom.

If you want to cut back on caffeine and switch to a healthier alternative – this is the perfect supplement mix.

Daily 10 Gummies

If you want the beauty of 10 functional mushrooms in a single product, then you will benefit from it Every day 10 we mix mushroom mixture. When you start taking this blend, 10 gums a day will work like magic for your immune system and provide you with antioxidant support.

The Daily 10-gummy blend invigorates your body with health and vigor, giving you overall well-being and the ability to deal with the occasional stresses that life throws your way.

What are Adaptogenic Mushrooms - Gummies - AdaptogenShrooms


If you’re a fan of a good protein shake or smoothie, then you might like functional mushroom powders.

You can easily incorporate these mushroom supplements into your favorite smoothie or protein drink. Or, if you love oatmeal, you can make it even healthier with a powdered mushroom supplement.

A calming blend of mushroom powder can be a great addition to your moon milk recipe or chai latte before bed.

Mushroom supplement powders are perfect for those who are creative in the kitchen. And you don’t have to worry about ruining the taste of your drink with these powders.


Adaptive mushrooms are a fantastic gift from nature that can help you strengthen your body and feel healthier overall. And you can easily access supplements that make it easy to incorporate adaptogenic mushrooms into your daily routine and habits.

At AdaptogenShrooms, we are obsessed with the power and value of these great mushrooms. We have made it our mission to make the benefits of functional mushrooms available and accessible to everyone. If you are curious to know more, check out our infinite resources about the power of adaptogenic mushrooms as a superfood or use the chat feature to ask us any questions you may have!

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