What are adaptive mushrooms?

If you’ve looked into the benefits of functional mushrooms, you may have come across the phrase “adaptive mushrooms.” You probably first asked yourself, “What are adaptogens?” To answer your question, adaptogens or adaptogenic substances are used in herbal medicine to stabilize physiological processes and promote homeostasis.

Now, let’s talk about adaptogenic mushrooms and how they differ from functional mushrooms.

For starters, it’s important to know that the term “adaptive” refers to specific types of functional mushrooms and their unique ability to support the body and its natural healthy processes. Specifically, by consuming adaptogenic mushrooms, you train your body to better handle stress. Your body adapts. The recommended dose of mushroom adaptogens can be consumed in a variety of ways, including powders and whole food supplements.

Here, we discuss the different types of mushroom adaptogens, their potential benefits, and how to easily incorporate them into your healthy routine.

What are adaptive mushrooms?

Some organic, functional mushrooms—such as reishi, chaga, turkey tail, lion’s mane, and cordyceps—that have been used therapeutically for centuries are now often referred to as adaptogenic mushrooms. for their supporting role in the body’s natural adaptation. They offer potential health benefits that supports the body’s natural functions for immunitystress reduction and hormonal balance.

Adaptive mushroom species and their potential benefits

Below, we highlight some of the most popular functional, adaptogenic mushroom species and how they can support your body’s natural functions:

Incorporating it recommended dose of adaptogenic mushrooms Your healthy lifestyle on a daily basis is key to maximizing these potential benefits.

Easily incorporate adaptive mushrooms into your healthy routine

Conveniently embed whole food sources of mushroom adaptogens in your daily diet using certified, organic mushroom supplements, powders, drink mixes and broths. If you are new to functional mushroom consumption, it may take up to three weeks for your body to experience health benefits. New users are advised to double the recommended dose of 2 grams per day for the first three weeks, as many supplements are bioactive and take time for your body to digest.

Not all brands and products contain enough grams of mushroom adaptogens to provide health benefits. many contain only extracts. AdaptogenShrooms offers products created from functional, adaptogenic mushrooms that have been carefully grown, dehydrated and ground. Each one-of-a-kind product is quality-controlled and contains 2,000 mg or more of mushroom powder in each serving—an effective amount for daily health maintenance.

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