The Wunderground Guide to Lion’s Mane Mushrooms

Scientifically known as Hericium erinaceus, Lions mane is a powerful mushroom that we chose for its brain boosting benefits. Lions mane has been shown to affect concentration and focus and is commonly known as the ‘brain mushroom’. Lion’s mane can affect our mental stamina and concentration, it is a “functional mushroom” that provides protein, complex carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals in addition to bioactive substances that support a variety of body functions and processes that act as a natural antibiotic, anticarcinogenic, anti-fatigue agent and more.

At Wunderground, we aim to create the most delicious and effective adaptogenic mushroom coffee to help you feel and perform better. “Fungi made the world as we know it. As some of the first life forms on the planet, they consumed minerals encased in rocks, creating what we know today as soil. Without them, there would be no plants on earth, and therefore, No animals. Not us,” says Climate Correspondent Somini Sengupta her recent article for the NYTimes.

How is it harvested?

To harvest lion’s mane, growers pay close attention to its color, harvest before it turns pink or brown, but after it has had enough time to grow and increase in size. Once ready, growers simply cut near the base with a sharp knife. As this mushroom can bruise easily, it must be handled with care as it is transported. Lion’s Mane is then usually cooled in an airtight container for use in cooking or carefully dried.

Pure Source

We source our USDA certified lion mane from a 100 year old agricultural business in China. We will look at local sourcing when the US market catches up to the difference in expertise, efficiency and technology found in Eastern cultures where mushrooms have been part of medicine and nutrition dating back 2,000 years.

AdaptogenShrooms Brainchild Coffee delivers 500mg of potent 8:1 mushroom extracts (250mg of which is Lion’s Mane) in a 12+ oz cup. In terms of potency, this is greater than a typical 1000mg supplement made with ground mushroom or mycelium powder (vs. extract). Brainchild infusion is much more ‘bioavailable’ – making it more easily absorbed into our bodies and the benefits more immediately felt.

The benefits

Lions mane is a complex and deeply nutritious mushroom that provides cognitive support, strengthens gut health and boosts immune function. Rich in bioactive compounds, this mushroom is anti-inflammatory and known to promote nerve growth.

It helps you get a stroke

You know those days when you feel unfocused and can’t remember where you put your keys or can’t concentrate at work? That’s where the lion’s mane comes in. It is known to help improves focus, enhances concentration and aids learning and memory — We love the lion’s mane because it is the spark of creative wandering.

Our favorite way to enjoy all that Lion’s Mane has to offer is with Brain child, one of our mushroom coffees. We drink Brainchild to help clear brain fog — a cup of this in the morning = a really productive day.

It strengthens the immune system

One strengthening the immune system is always a good thing, and Lion’s Mane does just that. Filled with antioxidantsLike selenium and vitamin C, studies have shown that mushrooms can stimulate the activity of immune system cells.

Calms the nervous system (and helps sleep!)

Lion’s mane affects the nervous system and is used for insomnia. When we sleep better, we stress less.

While Lion’s Mane won’t make you sleepy on its own, Dream Supply is the perfect choice to rest better. A tea made from lion’s mane, chamomile and Reishi (another powerful adaptogenic mushroom), relieves stress and it calms you so you can breathe comfortably.

Want to learn about our other favorite mushrooms and how they can change your life? Continue TWITTER & stay tuned.

Want to learn about our other favorite mushrooms? Stay tuned: we’re going to destroy Reishi, Chagaand Cordyceps in the coming weeks.

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