The nutritional and delicious benefits of Enoki mushrooms*

If you want fresh inspiration for unique ingredients to add to recipes or a new excuse to forage, then diving into Enoki mushrooms is a great place to start. Want to support multiple systems in your body at once, as well as consume more vitamins, minerals and other healthy nutrients?* This article will cover the basics of what you need to know about the many benefits of Enoki mushrooms and inspire you to learn more by trying this mushroom for yourself.*

Interested in the benefits of the Enoki mushroom?* See what you want to know!

The Enoki mushroom has many different names, such as “golden needle mushroom”, “lily mushroom”, “winter mushroom” (because it grows during the cooler months) or “velvet stem mushroom”. (1) Although you may be more used to buying white button mushrooms or Portobello mushrooms at the supermarket, Enoki mushrooms are also sometimes sold there, as well as mushroom farms, and can even be grown at home. An interesting fact to be aware of when buying or growing Enoki mushrooms is that the cultivated version looks different from the wild mushrooms themselves. This is interesting because even though it’s the same type of mushroom, it can be unrecognizable if you didn’t know it!

(2) Wild species of enoki mushrooms have colorful caps ranging from brown to yellow. wild mushroom caps are larger than the cultivated variety. Cultivated Enoki mushrooms are long and white. (3) In the wild, Enoki mushrooms grow on dead hardwood or organic matter, usually in the form of stumps and logs. These mushrooms are most prominent in late fall as the weather begins to cool.(2) Enoki is widely distributed throughout the world. Its habitat ranges from Ireland and Britain, Asia, Europe, North Africa and North America.(4) After taking a closer look at a mushroom guide or even signing up for a mushroom walk with a professional, you can find them yourself and not only reap the benefits of eating them, but also the many benefits of being outside and you connect with nature. *

The Enoki mushroom benefits humans in ways that have been recognized for some time.* In fact, the long history of human use of Enoki mushrooms dates back to 800 AD, when it was already cultivated in China.(3) It is clear that the Enoki mushroom benefits us and has many possibilities which we will now explore in more detail.*

What are the specific benefits of the Enoki mushroom?*

There are many benefits of eating Enoki mushrooms.* Enoki mushroom benefits start with their high nutrient content.* They are full of vitamins and minerals, unsaturated fatty acids and are also a source of protein.* Enoki mushrooms contain linoleic acid which is essential for humans.* Linoleic acid is a building block for creating inflammatory mediators in the body, and the way we get this nutrient is through food. in your diet could be a great way to get some of these Enoki mushroom benefits!* Additionally, Enoki mushrooms contain phenolic acids, which are compounds that support the body in maintaining healthy oxidation levels, which with they in turn support the cardiovascular system. *(3)

In addition to all the nutritional benefits mentioned above, Enoki mushrooms also contain an abundance of dietary fiber that promotes healthy cholesterol levels as well as blood pressure.* Many mushrooms, for example Shiitake or Oyster, contain dietary fiber, but the Enoki contains even higher levels than many other species.*(3)

If that’s not inspiring and impressive to you, already keep reading because the benefits of the Enoki mushroom extend even further.* These mushrooms also contain a compound known as Fungal Immunomodulatory Protein, which can help support the immune system.* This compound can potentially promote a healthy and normal response to seasonal changes.* Polysaccharides are compounds in Enoki mushrooms that also support the immune system. responds to inflammation and can provide liver support.* One more fun fact to add to this wealth of information is that the Enoki mushroom can support healthy cognition and information retention.*(3) Maybe consider cooking up some Enoki during busy times at school or work!

These Enoki mushroom benefits are so far-reaching that they can support your overall health in more ways than one.* The next time you’re deciding which mushrooms to cook with dinner, maybe you can try Enoki for a change and enjoy not just a new taste. but also the knowledge of the many benefits of the Enoki mushroom.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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