Mushrooms for sleep

If you’re looking for ways to improve energy, sleep is the No. 1 place to start. Affecting nearly every system in the body, sleep restores both our physical and mental well-being, playing a vital role in high-quality rest. Healthy sleep cycles allow your body to physically restore itself: tissues are repaired, immune function is boosted, and toxic buildup is flushed from the brain.

Enter mushrooms. Proven to improve our immune system and reduce inflammation (which helps calm nerves), medicinal mushrooms have long been used in traditional Chinese medicine and are AdaptogenShrooms entire reason for being! We are excited about how mushrooms can improve our lives and enhance our well-being.

To improve sleep, it’s important to use a consistent, relaxing routine.


Sticking to a routine helps your body understand when it’s time to rest and recover. Try to keep the same bedtime and schedule, keeping your body in sync with the natural rhythm of the day. It also helps avoid screens at night — we perceive blue light from devices as sunlight, tricking the body into thinking it’s daytime.


Cortisol is a stress hormone that naturally spikes in the morning and declines throughout the day, but a constant state of stress can lead to elevated cortisol levels that can be exacerbated by impaired sleep and contribute to sleep difficulties, causing a vicious cycle. circle. Breathing has been shown to help with relaxation and they suppress anxietyso consider taking a few deep breaths every night before bed.


We love to incorporate our deliciousness Dream Supply as a nightly ritual. Reishi and lion’s mane mushrooms are blended with soothing chamomile and Meyer lemon, offering a gentle end-of-day elixir for anyone craving a little sleep support.

Want to learn more about how Lion’s Mane supports brain function? Read more on the Wunderground blog here.

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