Mushrooms for focus: Our tips for supporting brain health

How to focus without needing caffeine all day? Try Mushrooms for Focus Support

Welcome back to our AdaptogenShrooms blog! If you’re a first timer, we’re thrilled you found our page. This post will discuss how to boost your brain power with the help of lifestyle changes, diet and mushrooms to support focus. Whether it’s at work or during projects around the house, we could all use a little more brain power and energy to complete the tasks at hand.

Many of us work an eight-hour day and still have things to take care of and want to do afterwards. Do you ever feel like you’ve used up all the mental energy you have during work? Maybe you feel like you don’t even have enough brainpower to get through those eight hours? Wondering how to give 100% effort in all areas of your life? Mushrooms for focus support can support your health and well-being.

Imagine being able to focus throughout the workday and still have the cognitive ability to come home and finish your schoolwork, read that book you’ve been trying to finish, or plan that next big adventure you’ve been wanting to take continue. It is possible with small adjustments and support from powerful herbal supplements. Read on for our mushroom recommendations for focus support and our tips for supporting mental clarity!*

1. Be active

It’s summer! Go to that campsite you’ve been putting off and take a hike. Last week we climbed a beautiful waterfall, looking for mushrooms along the way. We stimulated our senses with fresh air, natural sights and the warmth of the sun. What did we get before this hike? Cordyceps, of course! It helps us take deep breaths and fill our lungs. At AdaptogenShrooms, we sell organically grown dyed cordyceps. Interested in more information about Cordyceps? Read this blog post! Alternatively, click below to listen to some podcasts we’ve created that dive deeper into this wonderful mushroom ally.

2. Relaxation support!

Although we’re told we only need eight hours of sleep, let your body make the decisions about it. Feeling exhausted, sleeping past the alarm clock? Do you close your eyes at awkward moments? Go to bed a little earlier or take that extra much-needed hour on the weekend. Our Reishi Tincture is great for supporting relaxation and the natural transition to sleep. Let it calm you before bed or for a nice relaxing bath.

Cordyceps waterfall

3. Support occasional stress levels

Identify your top three to five occasional stressors. What emotion do they produce? Find a way to learn how this occasional stress feels in your body, and then determine the best way to turn the negative into a positive. Our herbalist found this exercise helpful and was able to intentionally support her body’s natural response to stress by making small changes to her day. She now consciously recognizes these daily stressors by being aware of the reactions in her mind and body and interrupting the pattern.

4. Drink Water!

Pretty self-explanatory — instead of drinking a glass of sugary juice or adrenal-stressing coffee, top it off with water. If you’re looking for something to add, we have a Daily 10 tincture that mixes beautifully with water and smoothies, as well as other foods, and can bring more nutrition to your day.

5. Neurotic

Aerobics for your brain! Change the way you do something that you don’t have to think about every day. For example, tie your shoes with one hand or send a text with your non-dominant hand. Change your habits so your brain can form the new neurons to adapt, helping you stay engaged and stimulated.

6. Fuel your brain!

This results in a balanced diet combined with herbs and mushrooms for focus. Include vegetables, protein, good fats and of course, the occasional carb/sweet can be ok in moderation. Include these B vitamins in your diet or try to supplement them, especially B12, which is associated with brain health. Try a new cookbook that encourages experimenting with cooking spices to get your gut (aka your second brain) going too.

7. Use mushrooms for focus support!

Lion’s mane is one of the best mushrooms for supporting focus and brain function. Supports memory and concentration. Known to support nerve growth factor and neuron growth, Lion’s Mane is helpful in supporting overall cognitive function. To learn more about lion’s mane, visit our blog post or go a step further and check out our Lion’s Mane blend. This tincture now includes cinnamon to guide the lion’s mane more directly, as well as add to the delicious taste!

Lions Mane in nature

Want more mushrooms for focus support? The Focus blend contains organic Lion’s Mane mushroom and organic cinnamon bark for great flavor! This focus blend has been carefully designed to support your brain power, aiding focus and helping to support overall brain health*. To read further about supporting mental clarity, here is a link to another blog post.

After taking these steps to support focus, we’ve had great success supporting work-life balance, brain power, and energy we didn’t know existed before! Being able to work all day, go to yoga, and come home to complete an online assignment has never been easier.

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