Mushroom Gummies: What Are They?

What is Mushroom Gummy?

When you hear about edible mushrooms, including mushrooms, the first thing that comes to mind might be “magic mushrooms,” psychedelics, THC, CBD, or cannabis. However, at AdaptogenShrooms, we harness the power of mushrooms to support overall wellness.

When you think of edible mushrooms like our mushrooms, we hope thoughts of health, clarity and comfort come to mind. Why; Mushrooms are one of the most powerful functional agents in the world. And when they are in mushroom form, they are more accessible and convenient for many people who could use the health benefits of mushrooms. Not only that, but they are incredibly delicious.

Our experts are redefining how healthy functional mushroom gummies can be with our latest line of individual and compound mushroom treats that can support your overall wellness. Would you like to know more? This article will help you learn the ins and outs of mushrooms, including why our products are the best choice for your mushroom supplements.

What exactly is Gummy Mushroom Extract?

Mushrooms are the latest new product in the world of mushroom nutrition and supplements. Mushroom extract gummy is a chewable mushroom supplement made from a vegan pectin base (as opposed to a non-vegan gelatin base) mixed with mushroom extracts and organic flavor additives. Most mushrooms come in fun fruity flavors (often from citric acid), making taking mushrooms every day as easy and delicious as taking vitamins. If you like raspberry flavored candies or other fruity flavors, you’ll love mushrooms.

Our mushrooms are 100% vegan, USDA certified organic and gluten free. We use pectin instead of gelatin, which is better for the Earth and better for you. Another fun fact about pectin is that they keep better at a high temperature, preventing the mushroom gums from sticking together during summer shipping. We also use a double extraction method for our mushrooms to ensure that our mushroom gums provide you with the highest mushroom potency. And we only use mushroom fruiting bodies instead of the significantly less robust mycelium in grains. We don’t just want to make super tasty treats, but also ones that really pack a healthy punch and actually work.

What is mushroom extract?

You may have wondered why mushroom extracts are such a popular form of functional mushrooms. Why not just eat fungi? Well, whole mushrooms do not provide the body with the same benefits since the cell walls of mushrooms are a substance called “chitin”. Our bodies have a hard time breaking down chitin, so the extraction process pulls the beneficial compounds from the mushrooms so our bodies get all the benefits without having to do any work.

Imagine making mushroom soup or tea. As the mushroom sits in the warm water, it begins to release its natural flavors — well, that flavor comes from the oils and other compounds in the mushroom. If you removed the solid mushrooms, you would enjoy the benefits of the compounds mixed with the water.

How does AdaptogenShrooms produce their mushroom extracts?

We use a double extraction method, which first pulls the compounds out of the mushroom using alcohol and then water. The alcohol and water are then evaporated and the powerful functional compounds that remain are incorporated into the sticky matrix. This makes our products more potent as not all compounds are water soluble and not all alcohol soluble. Aka – your body gets all the good stuff!

What are fruiting bodies?

There are two main parts to a functional fungus: the fruiting body and the mycelium. The mycelium is basically the roots of the mushroom and the fruiting body is the part that protrudes from the ground or from the tree or in other words, the actual mushroom.

The fruiting bodies of fungi or in other words, mushrooms have been shown to be stronger and chemically more beneficial than the mycelium. However, many companies try to cut corners by growing mushroom roots or mycelium in granules and not using any mushrooms at all. The final product ends up being 80-90% starch fillers and almost devoid of the main beneficial compounds you want and need. This is a much faster and cheaper way of production and it results in an inferior product that is much less efficient. At AdaptogenShrooms we only use fruiting bodies, aka real mushrooms, so you can be sure you’re always getting the good stuff!

How are mushrooms made?

Have you ever watched Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory? Well, we would like to say that our production of mushroom extract gummies is equally colorful, exciting and musical. However, we believe that all our employees have the same sparkle in their eyes as Mr Wonka himself. Not going to lie, working with mushrooms is a lot more exciting than working in a cubicle, so it’s not hard to get a twinkle in your eye! We make our chewing gum with great passion and attention to detail. This is how it works:

  • We ethically source our 100% USDA certified organic, non-GMO mushrooms from partner mushroom farms
  • Our team then extracts the highest quality compounds through double extraction and tests these extractions in a third party lab for quality and so you know what the beneficial compounds are. We actually have these lab results transparent on our website in a QR code on the products so you can see them for yourself!
  • Mix the mushroom extracts with pectin and delicious flavors.
  • The wet mixture is poured into molds to solidify.
  • After the gums are converted from liquid to chewing gum, we package the delicious gums in ultra-clean, tested, accredited and certified third-party facilities and prepare them for shipment.
  • You eat them, you say “Holy Sh!t these are amazing”, you have to force yourself not to eat the whole bag on the first day…you liven up your health!

What are the benefits of mushroom extract gums?

There are many reasons why people may use mushroom chewing gum. More often than not, they seek holistic health benefits.** Mushrooms have been used by Eastern herbalists for centuries to help support overall health.*

Here are the most common uses of functional mushrooms:

Mental Clarity and Nootropic Support

Need help breaking through the fog to stay focused? People often describe mushrooms as “brain food”. Why; Because they may support blood circulation, including to the brain.** This leads to feeling brighter and more focused. Lion’s Mane mushroom is often a favorite for concentration, improved memory and better mood.**

“Nootropics” is just a fancy way of saying it supports optimal brain function by the way.* Many people believe that nootropics can help promote creativity, energy, and clarity.*

Energy Levels and Vitality

Many of the micronutrients in mushrooms may promote healthy energy levels.** This is likely because cordyceps contain compounds such as cordycepin and adenosine that play a key role in the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) – also known as energy production at the cellular level .**


Another fancy word, right? As with nootropic, “adaptogen” is just a new way of saying that plants and fungi help support homeostasis within the body.** All that said, many mushrooms work to support defenses against occasional excitement and mental tension. In the long run, this helps the body better adapt to occasional situations that may cause worry or nervousness, such as when your in-laws ask you about your salary. But seriously, adaptogenic mushrooms help you function better by supporting the mind and body—that’s why they’re called “functional” mushrooms.*

Turkey tail, Reishi, Lion’s mane and other functional types of mushrooms are often considered adaptogenic rights.

Calming down

The pace and pressures of modern life can be counterproductive to our moods, relationships and work lives. Many mushrooms may promote greater calmness to help combat the demands of the 21st century. Reishi and Chaga are two top contenders in this category to support stress relief.

Mushroom Gummies - AdaptogenShrooms - Shrooms support increasing focus

Immune Support

Most mushrooms are packed with 1,3 / 1,6 β-glucans that may help promote a healthy immune system. 1,3 / 1,6 β-glucans also play a vital role in cell function and cell turnover.*

Which types of mushrooms best suit my needs?

When it comes to choosing a mushroom gum, you’ll want to compare the varieties that come with it. You will find that some mushrooms have only one type of mushroom, while others have a mixture that works well together.

Reishi mushroom

Mushroom Gummies - AdaptogenShrooms - Reishi Mushroom


Cordyceps is often used to balance Reishi as a nice compliment. Cordyceps supports brightness and energy.** This mushroom can also help the body’s response to occasional stress.** Check out Cordyceps Energy Gummies!

Mushroom Gummies - AdaptogenShrooms - Cordyceps Mushroom

Chaga mushrooms

This mega fungus helps promote a healthy immune system.**

Mushroom Gummies - AdaptogenShrooms - Chaga Mushroom

The lion’s mane

The lion’s mane mushroom is really roaring with benefits. Lion’s mane is like feng shui for your brain. Lion’s Mane helps support occasional stress and promotes positive mood, boosts focus and supports gut health.** Get started today with Lion’s Mane Focus Gummies.

Mushroom Gummies - AdaptogenShrooms - Lion's Mane Mushroom

Turkey tail

When it comes to gut health, turkey tail is tops.** This turkey tail mushroom is often considered a prebiotic that promotes a healthy gut biome, which in turn supports your overall well-being.**

Mushroom Gummies - AdaptogenShrooms - Turkey Tail Mushroom


Mushroom Gummies - AdaptogenShrooms - Maitake Mushroom


These culinary favorites can be found on plates all over the US. In addition to awards for their taste, shiitake mushrooms also promote a healthy heart.*

Mushroom Gummies - AdaptogenShrooms - Shiitake Mushroom

How many mushroom gums should you get?

Many people enjoy a daily mushroom routine for long-term wellness, while others take their mushroom supplements as needed. Depending on your mix, strength, and individual needs, you’ll probably want to start with one and slowly increase based on your response.

When should I get my mushrooms?

When you get your mushrooms depends on the organic mushroom mix you get. If your blend supports energy, you probably don’t want to take it before bed. The opposite is true of mushroom chewing gum which is designed to help you relax and unwind.

How do mushroom gums compare to other edible magic mushrooms?

If mushroom gum isn’t your thing, there are plenty of related products that may be a better fit for your lifestyle, budget, and preferences.

  • Powders: Mushroom powders come in capsules and packets. Like mushroom gums and tinctures, they contain mushroom extracts. The powders can be made into mushroom tea, soups and added to other dishes such as pasta. Or simply added to beverages such as coffee, protein shakes, smoothies and more.
  • Tinctures: Tinctures are a liquid form of mushroom extracts. These mushroom tinctures can be taken directly from a dropper or added to coffee, hot chocolate, tea, soups and more.
  • Capsules: Capsules are pills filled with mushroom powders. It’s a convenient form of fungus that travels well and makes getting mushrooms simple.
  • Chocolates: Many people create their own mushroom chocolates by adding mushroom powder to their favorite recipes, including sleeping trufflesbrownies or chocolate bars.

How to Choose the Best Mushroom Extract Gummies

Unfortunately, not all mushroom supplement companies use the same quality and care when creating their products. When buying mushroom gum, it’s important to be sure you’re getting the most mushroom power for your buck — and — you’re buying from a company that uses environmentally friendly and ethical methods. Why; When you support ethical mushroom growers, you protect the future of fungi.

What to look for when choosing delicious and effective mushroom gum:

  • Certified organic (we are the first USDA certified organic mushrooms!)
  • Use of fruiting bodies instead of mycelia or mycelia in grains
  • Sustainable and ethical harvesting
  • Third party laboratory testing
  • Vegan and gluten free
  • Double extraction method

Get the best Mushroom Gummies from AdaptogenShrooms

There’s a reason mushroom lovers across the US and beyond come to us for their mushroom supplements — we’re obsessed with mushrooms. The AdaptogenShrooms team isn’t just passionate about the benefits of mushrooms – we live, breathe, think and eat mushroom supplements every day. To learn more about how our mushroom gum compares to others, check them out. We have a good feeling that after reading about it AdaptogenShrooms missionyou’ll be back for more!

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