Know some of the health benefits of turkey tail mushroom*

Health Benefits of Turkey Tail Mushroom*

The common names of mushrooms often tell you what they look like. The turkey tail mushroom is no exception. A beautiful and colorful striped mushroom, it really looks like the feathers of a wild turkey. Their species name is versicolor, and are known for having repeating color bands, from white and brown to blue and gray. Beyond their looks, there are many health benefits of turkey tail mushrooms.* Here’s a rundown of some of the more well-known ones. But first, let’s talk about its deep history.

The history of turkey tail

In China, Turkey Tail has been used for seven centuries. In fact, herbalists in China long ago used more than 120 different types — well aware of the health benefits of Turkey Tail Mushroom.* Traditionally, Turkey Tail is consumed as a simple tea, or what we might call mushroom broth today. Back then, it was used to support the immune system and liver health, in addition to the upper respiratory, digestive and urinary systems.* Here are four of the health benefits of turkey tail mushroom:*

1. Immune health*

Turkey tail is the most researched mushroom in the world. It contains two specific polysaccharides, PSP (peptide polysaccharide) and PSK (polysaccharide K). PSK and PSP promote a healthy immune system.* Studies have found that PSK can support the immune system, including T cells that serve as a bridge between innate and adaptive immune function.* PSK supports antibody production by B cells.*

2. Antioxidant properties*

In addition to the beta-glucans and other polysaccharides found in Turkey Tail, the mushroom also contains phenols and flavonoidswhich have antioxidant properties.*

3. Adaptive properties*

The health benefits of the Turkey Tail mushroom don’t stop there: It’s also a mushroom with adaptogenic properties, meaning it can support a healthy stress response.*

4. Digestive health*

Turkey tail and other mushrooms contain prebiotic fibers, which helps nourish healthy flora located within your digestive system.* Much of your immune system lives in your gut, so turkey tail supports both.* These are four of the health benefits of turkey tail mushroom.* Turkey tail is also one of the 10 mushrooms in the Daily 10 Tincture for immunity and health.*

How to Get the Health Benefits of Turkey Tail Mushroom*

While you could certainly make your own turkey tail “tea” or tincture, an easier way is to simply take our Mush 10 products daily. Here are some of our favorite ways to use them to help you reap the health benefits of turkey tail mushroom.*

  • Add the powder to breakfast oatmeal, chia pudding, or an acai bowl.
  • Mix the tincture into green juice, a tropical smoothie or a cup of chai tea.
  • Pour a serving into your morning latte with a little cinnamon or nutmeg for sweetness.
  • Add one serving per serving to energy balls or no-bake granola bars.
  • Mix the powder into yogurt or sprinkle on a PBJ.
  • Add the powder to your avocado toast or stir into tahini for a new breakfast flavor

Follow our Instagram and continue the Turkey Tail conversation! (We also love to hear how you use the Daily 10.) Want to incorporate Turkey Tail into your daily routine? It’s easy, with the Daily 10 Best Sellers. Add a dropper tincture in your hot cocoa, tea or water. Of made with 100% organic mushroom fruiting bodies — no fillers, grains or fluff!

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