How to take turkey tail mushroom for your health

Support your body’s natural defenses: Learn how to take turkey tail mushroom

turkey tail, the Trametes versicolor, is one of the most abundant and colorful mushrooms out there. When foraging, it’s a mushroom you can almost always count on finding. Look for a colorful cluster of fuzzy fans (that look like a turkey tail!) growing on a variety of hardwood trees. Keep reading to learn how to take turkey tail mushroom, then order the best turkey tail mushroom extract from AdaptogenShrooms!

Turkey tail mushroom for your health

Turkey tail is one of the most extensively researched mushrooms and has entered the Japanese pharmacopoeia.

Tips for choosing the best quality turkey tail supplement

Public interest has grown along with overdue attention from the research field, and in turn, turkey tail mushroom supplements are popping up left and right to meet the demand. Keep reading for our tips on how to choose the best turkey tail supplement.

How To Get Turkey Tail Mushroom Tip #1: Look For Fruiting Bodies

Most commonly, turkey tail is taken in tincture or capsule form. However, not all supplements are created equal. The first thing a consumer should notice is whether the product comes from fruiting bodies or mycelium in grains. it is best to always choose fruiting bodies. The fruiting bodies contain the most potent compounds and you can trust that you are paying for the mushrooms, not the mycelial grains.

How to Take Turkey Tail Mushroom Tip #2: Choose a Double Extract

It is important that the mushrooms are extracted correctly. Our body has a hard time digesting the mushroom in its natural form due to its chitinous cell wall (that’s why there are no recipes for culinary use). In order to obtain the beneficial polysaccharides and triterpenes, a double extraction with hot water and alcohol is critical.

How to Get Turkey Tail Mushroom Tip #3: Go organic

We suggest looking for organically grown mushrooms. At AdaptogenShrooms, we adhere to these three gold standards, and you can get your own turkey tail tincture and stronger mushrooms by clicking below!

How To Get Turkey Tail Mushroom – Anytime, Any Way!

You can take turkey tail tincture at any time of the day, with or without food. AdaptogenShrooms offers a tincture of 9 mushrooms in addition to turkey tail, and they are ready-to-drink and can be placed directly on or under your tongue. Carry your bottle with you in your bag or backpack for a dose of turkey tail anytime, anywhere! Set a recurring reminder on your phone so you’re always ready to shake your turkey tail feathers during mushroom season! Another option is to add a few drops to water, juice or coffee.

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