Foods that aid digestion

Feeling tired, bloated and a bit gross lately? It could be your digestion. Fortunately, there are many naturally soothing foods that keep your gut healthy and your digestive system working at its peak.

What you put in your mouth is a great place to start when you want to calm an upset system. Many plants and fungi can aid in digestion, but why is digestion so important to overall health? And what natural foods help us feel better?

Why is digestion important?

“The human body uses the process of digestion to break down food into a form that can be absorbed and used as fuel,” says Hopkins Medicine. TLDR? digestion keeps you alive!

There is a bundle of nutrients in food and fluids that the body uses to support systems, including proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and water. The digestive system breaks down and absorbs these nutrients, and this seemingly simple act fuels bodily functions such as energy production, cell growth, and maintenance.

Without a healthy digestive system, we can sometimes experience unpleasant symptoms such as bloating, indigestion and abdominal pain. Poor digestion can also lead to a compromised system where the nutrition from your food is not absorbed. This can significantly affect overall health, which is why digestive health matters!

What foods help digestion?

You’d be surprised how many plants, herbs and fungi can help with gut health! From wardrobe staples to more unusual ingredients, here are some suggestions to soothe your tummy.

  • Fennel: Spice: The border with fennel. For centuries, fennel seeds have been used in cooking and medicine to support healthy digestion. Researchers believe the gastrointestinal benefits come from phytochemicals, which help us digest and break down food. Taken as a supplement or crushed and steeped as a tea, fennel is used as a traditional digestive aid in India and Italy, where whole fennel seeds are chewed after meals to stimulate digestion and keep the mouth fresh.
  • Turmeric: Turmeric’s bright yellow color makes it easy to spot on a spice rack. While turmeric is packed with health benefits, it is widely known for supporting a healthy inflammatory response and improving digestive health. Thanks to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric is a great herb to keep on hand. Try it at your next meal, fresh turmeric in a tea or add some to your morning smoothie.
  • Chaga Mushrooms: Chaga mushrooms they have been around for thousands of years. First used by indigenous people, the Ostyaks, this powerful mushroom offers many benefits and was first used medicinally to relieve inflammation in the stomach and intestines. Traditionally, chaga is made as a drink (polysaccharides are water soluble), but you can also cook with it to add fiber to your diet.
  • Reishi Mushrooms: Once again “the king of mushrooms” comes to the rescue! Scientists have been studying these shrooms for a while, and there is evidence that they improve gut health! The adaptogenic properties of Reishi mushrooms also help the gut and digestion, regulating the stress response, which can cause abdominal problems. Try it in coffee, tea or in your next savory dish to replace Porcinis!

Our favorite products that support digestion

Here, we share AdaptogenShrooms favorite digestion-friendly products to aid digestion and help you feel better.

  • Hocus Pocus Instant Coffee by Wunderground: Ready to upgrade your daily ritual? Combine the benefits of coffee with digestive support with ours Abra Catabra mixture. This coffee contains both Reishi and Chaga mushrooms, which not only help your gut, but also help balance stress levels, cultivate creativity, and more! You can try it straight or substitute Hocus Pocus for instant espresso in this delicious Triple Chocolate Espresso Mousse Pie Recipe.

  • Vitality Shot with Tumeric by Pressed: For a quick, tasty boost to our gut health and immune system, we love these turmeric juices. When it came to creating those wellness shots, Pressed delivers tons of turmeric, with a sweet and spicy aftertaste that results in a happy, healthy gut. Seattle locals can find these juices at PCC Community Marketsand they too mission at national level.

  • Orange Fennel Cookies from Bite Society: Bet you didn’t think you’d find a cookie on a digestive support list. But here we are! With delicious, digestive-friendly benefits, these fennel orange cookies they are bite-sized delicacies and pair perfectly with a medium roast Abra Catabra. For late night, stomach-friendly munchies, we keep them in the snack drawer. (Plus, did you know Bite Society offers same-day delivery in Seattle?)

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