Everything you want to know about the benefits of Hawthorn leaves and flowers*

Hawthorn, through the countless centuries of its use by man, has always been considered a symbol of love. This is in part because of the support it can provide to your physical and emotional heart, helping you stay healthy and happy.*

You will love this symbol of love! There are so many amazing benefits of Hawthorn leaves and flowers that you can benefit from consuming this amazing herb.*

What is Hawthorn?

Hawthorn, or as it is scientifically known, Crataegus, is a shrub that goes by many names, including hawthorn, thistle, may and white. As you can tell, the “thorn” is very important to the identity of the bush. The spiny branches of Hawthorn trees and bushes are why they are often used as a barrier to keep cattle confined.

There are a variety of different hawthorns, which produce berries that vary slightly in color, ranging from red to pink, and in flavor, with varying levels of tartness. Hawthorn shrubs and trees typically grow between 15-50 feet tall depending on the variety. The leaves usually have lobed or toothed edges and grow spirally arranged on stems.

Hawthorn is native to the northern hemisphere, mainly growing in temperate regions in North America, Europe and Asia. It has been used in traditional herbalism to support heart health since ancient times.*

What are some benefits of Hawthorn leaves and flowers?

There are so many amazing benefits that Hawthorn leaf and flower can have for your body. Listed below are descriptions of some of the most important benefits of Hawthorn leaves and flowers.

Benefits of hawthorn leaves and flowers: Support for a healthy heart

From ancient times to modern times, indigenous, Chinese, and European cultures have used hawthorn as a remedy to support heart health within normal limits by consuming it as a tonic.* Using Hawthorn to Aid Healthy Heart Function dating as far back as first century Rome.*

Not only has traditional herbalism confirmed Hawthorn’s incredible healing properties, but so has today’s scientific evidence. This has been attributed to hawthorn leaves and flowers containing high levels of flavonoids and other compounds that work together to support heart health.*

Benefits of Hawthorn Leaves and Flowers: Happy Heart Support

Hawthorne leaf and flower not only supports your physical heart but also your emotional heart, promoting a positive mood and helping your body adapt to occasional stress.*

In traditional herbalism, Hawthorn was used to treat a variety of life experiences, supporting people dealing with occasional stress and grief.* It was given to people who were heartbroken, who had experienced loss, or who were in interesting situations.

Don’t sleep on Hawthorn! By supporting the nervous system, hawthorn leaf and flower promote a sense of calm, a healthy sleep cycle, and sweet dreams.* Because of this, it is a great herb to incorporate into your evening routine.*

Reap the benefits of hawthorn leaves and flowers with Reishi Calm Tincture*

Don’t “brush off” the amazing benefits Hawthorn leaves and flowers can provide your body.* One of the best ways to get Hawthorn leaves and flowers is to consume them as a tincture.

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