Choosing the Best Cordyceps Supplements: The Ultimate Guide

Are you exploring the incredible health benefits of cordyceps? Keep reading to find out which Cordyceps supplement to choose!

The Cordyceps mushroom is quickly overwhelming wellness experts with its health benefits! If you’re interested in getting into the game and incorporating Cordyceps into your wellness routine, you need to know what you’re looking for.

Ready to learn how to choose the best Cordyceps supplements?

Read on as we discuss the Cordyceps mushroom, the types of Cordyceps supplements you can choose from, and the benefits of Cordyceps for your health and well-being.

What are Cordyceps Mushrooms?

The Cordyceps mushroom (Ophiocordyceps sinensis the Cordyceps militaris) is a type of functional mushroom. Functional mushrooms like Cordyceps have been used in traditional Chinese holistic practices for centuries, and the Western world is now adopting Cordyceps as a daily supplement.

Functional mushrooms provide the body with nutrients and offer health benefits through their bioactive compounds. This property is what sets them apart from other types of mushrooms.

The mushroom is also known as the caterpillar fungus because historically it was a parasite known to invade the body of an insect (most commonly a caterpillar or moth larva) from the inside out. Eventually, the mushroom will grow out of the head of the caterpillar’s dead body (pretty gross, right?). But what was deadly to the caterpillar provided enormous health benefits to those people wealthy enough to purchase the rare compound.

Almost all Cordyceps supplements on the market are made from militaris, not sinensis. The militaris The mushroom has a unique bright yellow-orange color, with a thin stem and cap, which makes it quite attractive. Cordyceps militaris can be grown commercially on farms while the Ophiocordyceps sinensis it can only be harvested wild in remote areas such as high in the Himalayas. This makes Cordyceps militaris the most popular choice compared to Ophiocordyceps sinensis.

As mentioned, the Cordyceps mushroom has two main types used in functional supplements, Ophiocordyceps sinensis (known to grow at altitude in Tibet, China, India, Bhutan and Nepal) and Cordyceps militaris, which can be grown commercially at scale and boasts much more powerful health benefits at significantly cheaper cost as it can be grown.

This mushroom is one of the many functional mushrooms used to make health supplements, giving people a daily dose of its health benefits. To learn more about the health benefits of Cordyceps, keep reading.

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How are Cordyceps classified?

There are two subclasses of the cordicephalus generally used in functional supplement Cordyceps – Ophiocordyceps sinensis and Cordyceps militaris. Here are each type and the benefits of each.


Ophiocordyceps sinensis it is rare and currently unknown how to grow it commercially on a farm. It is found naturally only in the Himalayan mountains and grows on a living substrate, the larva of the ghost moth. This unique cultivation method is the reason Ophiocordyceps sinensis it can cost up to $20,000 a kilo.

One of its most characteristic properties Ophiocordyceps sinensis is that it contains adenosine. Adenosine may be beneficial in supporting heart health. Ophiocordyceps sinensis contains more adenosine, while Cordyceps militaris contains more cordycepin. Both of these compounds are used in the body’s natural ATP process for energy levels.

It can support physical endurance

Ophiocordicefos sinensis, also known as the ‘Olympic Mushroom’, supports the body’s production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP is vital to help the body supply the muscles with oxygen. For this reason, Ophiocordyceps sinensis can be a valuable tool for athletic performance, supporting blood flow and maximizing endurance.

Adenosine is what does it Ophiocordyceps sinensis such an attractive Cordyceps supplement for athletic performance. Athletes put their cardiovascular and respiratory systems under great strain to reach peak fitness and excel in sport. Providing the heart with supportive nutrients is essential and some athletes have switched Ophiocordyceps sinensis as an option to provide this support. However, due to the heavy price and somewhat unsustainable harvesting techniques, Cordyceps militaris is often the obvious choice for an energy supplement.

It can encourage a healthy response to occasional stress

Ophiocordyceps sinensis it has adaptogenic properties and other compounds, making it an excellent tool for managing occasional stress. Adaptive compounds support the body’s adrenal system, which affects sleep health, occasional stress responses, and energy levels. The Ophiocordyceps sinensis The mushroom, therefore, could help support your body’s response to occasional stress.

It can support the functions of the immune system and organs

Immunity is a hot topic in the wellness community, and consumers are looking for products to support their health and immune function, especially in the post-pandemic era. Cordyceps can support the immune system through its effect on white blood cells, which is great news for those who want a little extra protection from the ‘bad guys’.

Military man

Here are some of its benefits Cordyceps militaris. The species militaris contains higher amounts of cordycepin, while the Ophiocordyceps sinensis contains higher amounts of adenosine. Since Cordyceps militaris has almost the same effect on the body, can be grown sustainably and is a fraction of the price, Cordyceps militaris is the most popular choice for energy supplements.

It can support physical performance for exercise

Like Ophiocordyceps sinensisThe Cordyceps militaris The mushroom supports athletic performance. The mushroom supports cardiovascular and respiratory health, which leads to increased endurance and enhanced physical performance during exercise.

It can help improve mood

The Cordyceps militaris The mushroom can help stabilize mood and emotions by supporting hormone regulation with its adaptogenic compounds.

How can you use Cordyceps mushrooms?

It is possible but rare to find fresh Cordyceps mushrooms to buy and cook. It is important not to overcook them, as they will become rubbery. They have a somewhat sweet, dry flavor similar to chestnut mushrooms.

The easiest and most convenient way to ensure you get a daily dose of Cordyceps is to introduce a Cordyceps supplement into your diet. Functional mushrooms like Cordyceps are used in wellness supplements, sometimes mixed with other types of mushrooms, to give consumers a daily dose of mushrooms and boost their well-being. Functional mushroom supplements can be quickly incorporated into your routine as they are sold in many different forms.

Cordyceps powders

Enjoy Cordyceps powder in a shake, smoothie or oatmeal. Simply mix Cordyceps extract into your recipe and enjoy. Cordyceps powder is the best Cordyceps supplement for those who want to get creative in the kitchen.

Tinctures of Cordyceps

The tincture is a liquid form of mushroom extract that you can easily add to your favorite drinks or meals or put drops under your tongue. A tincture is the best Cordyceps supplement for those on the go.

Best Cordyceps Supplements - AdaptogenShrooms - Cordyceps Tincture

Cordyceps capsules

A great way to get your daily dose of Cordyceps mushrooms is Cordyceps capsules. Keep your capsules in your nightstand, car or purse. Who Said Mushroom Supplements Had To Be Complicated?

Cordyceps gum

If you don’t like capsules, but want a quick and fun way to get your daily mushroom supplement, you can opt for mushroom gummies. They contain functional mushroom extracts to support your health while offering a delicious treat for everyday enjoyment!

The best Cordyceps supplement for you will be the one you find easiest to incorporate into your daily routine. Cordyceps supplementation could help you notice a difference in your overall health, with supported energy, immunity and stamina. Just be sure to choose 100% fruiting body supplements over those that contain mycelium, as fruiting bodies will have higher amounts of actual mushrooms and a higher concentration of 1,3 1,6 β-glucans and other beneficial compounds. Cordyceps militaris mushrooms have 52 times more cordycepin, 7 times more adenosine, up to 400 times more 1,3 1,6 beta glucans and up to 13 times more amino acids and 2 times more pentostatin compared to Cordyceps mycelium in cereals.

Benefits of Cordyceps Supplements

Now that you know about the different types of cordyceps and mushroom supplements you can buy, let’s discuss what you might notice when implementing supplements into your daily routine.

May increase cardiovascular performance: Energy and endurance

Cordyceps mushroom is known as a tool for athletes that can support their performance and encourage endurance. The mushroom provides compounds that could support cardiovascular and respiratory health—and may even help support the body’s respiratory health. If you take a Cordyceps supplement, you may notice improved performance when you train or play sports.

It can support mood and brain health

Adaptive mushrooms, such as Cordyceps mushrooms, are known to support the body’s mood regulation processes. Adaptogens could help the body “adapt” to occasional stressors and support the healthy functioning of the adrenal system. So a Cordyceps supplement can be like a relaxing warm bath, helping you find peace and contentment in a world filled with stressful events.

In addition, Cordyceps offers antioxidant support that can support the body’s antioxidant processes. Since oxidative processes in the body can affect the brain and cognition, your brain fog may seem less cloudy when you take a Cordyceps supplement.

It can support kidney, adrenal and thyroid health

Traditional Chinese holistic practices used the Cordyceps mushroom as a kidney “tonic.” A Cordyceps mushroom supplement can support your adrenal system and support against adrenal burnout. It is essential to take the time to provide your body with nourishment!

Supports Immune Health

In the post-pandemic era, investing in immune-supporting nutrients is more important than ever, giving your immune system the fuel it needs to defend your body against any “bad guys.” We see many people adopting supplements like organic Cordyceps militaris mushrooms into their daily routine to improve their health and support their immune system.

The 1,3 1,6 beta glucan compounds in Cordyceps mushroom extract may also be beneficial to your gut health. These beneficial compounds support the gut, helping to balance your gut flora and promoting a healthy amount of good bacteria. By boosting your gut health, you can ensure that your body is equipped to support your overall body processes.

It can support cholesterol levels and heart health

Cordyceps supports cholesterol to already healthy levels and also supports heart health.

By implementing a Cordyceps supplement into your daily routine, you could ensure that your body is equipped with the tools it needs to support cardiovascular function. The cardiovascular system is at the core of physical health, and supporting this system will improve your overall well-being.

Cordyceps Supplement Dosages

If you are considering introducing Cordyceps mushroom supplements into your diet, there are a few things you should know. First, if you are allergic to mushrooms, you should avoid taking a mushroom extract or supplement, as this could cause an adverse reaction. Barring allergic reactions, Cordyceps should be perfectly safe to take daily, but always check with your primary care provider first. If you have questions or concerns, you should consult your doctor before consuming cordyceps, just as you would with any addition to your regimen.

There is no “right dose” for cordycepsbut since there are many different types of Cordyceps supplements (Cordyceps capsules, Cordyceps powders, Cordyceps tinctures, Cordyceps gummies) it is always best to follow the dosage instructions on the package.

You should also note that when choosing Cordyceps supplement companies, you should look for certified USDA organic mushroom extracts using only 100% fruiting bodies, not the mycelium in the grain. The mycelium in grain extracts contains more grain and filler and you won’t get as many beneficial compounds as with supplements made with only fruiting bodies. Even companies that say they are full spectrum and have both Cordyceps mycelium and fruiting bodies have significantly lower levels of beneficial compounds and will be a waste of money.

The bottom line

Not all Cordyceps supplements will disclose if they use Ophiocordyceps sinensis the Cordyceps militaris. Because Ophiocordyceps sinensis is so rare, it is generally safe to assume that the supplement contains militaris. Some companies produce Ophiocordyceps sinensis mycelium in a bioreactor, so make sure the label says 100% fruiting bodies or it could be something else.

If you are interested in learning about mushroom extracts and their benefits, why not check out our resources here at Mushroom revival. We are passionate about the incredible gifts that nature has to offer!

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