Chaga Dosage: How Much Chaga Should You Take?

Chaga mushrooms they’re incredibly healthy, but they’re a high-oxalate food, so you shouldn’t get too much of them. See what chaga dosage is ideal for maintaining health and preventing disease:

What are the benefits of chaga?

Chaga Side Effects—Can Chaga Be Harmful?

What is the ideal chaga dose?

How much chaga is too much?

How much chaga is in AdaptogenShroomsgranola?

How do you get chaga mushrooms?

What is Chaga?

The chaga mushroom (Inonotus obliquus) is one adaptogenic mushroom with a number of benefits. It prefers the cooler climates of northern Europe, Asia and North America, and the growing season for chaga is during the winter. Siberian chaga mushrooms have been used in folk medicine for centuries and are still extremely popular for the many health benefits they provide.

Benefits of Chaga Mushrooms

Chaga benefits range from antioxidant activities and alleviating oxidative stress to promoting healthy blood glucose levels and cancer cell apoptosis. The effect of Inonotus obliquus on inflammation it is highly beneficial and many people use it to fight inflammation associated with chronic autoimmune diseases.

Some of the mentioned The benefits of the chaga mushroom includes its ability to:

  • maintaining gut health
  • help with weight management
  • lower blood sugar levels
  • provides a natural energy boost
  • support healthy immune function
  • maintains healthy hair and skin
  • cause apoptosis of cancer cells

Chaga Warnings

Although the safety of chaga mushrooms has not been widely investigated, the research we have indicates that chaga is safe to eat as long as you don’t take too much of it.

If you are allergic to other fungi, mold, or yeast, proceed with caution when taking this fungus for the first time and contact a healthcare professional if you notice any signs of an allergic reaction.

Although there is no evidence that chaga can be dangerous for pregnant or breastfeeding people, many choose not to take medicinal mushrooms, including chaga, during this time.

Additionally, people taking medications that prevent blood clotting or have bleeding disorders should exercise caution when taking medicinal mushrooms, including chaga, as they may have anticoagulant effects.

Chaga Recommended Dosage

The ideal daily dose of chaga is about 2000 mg of chaga powder, which is about one tablespoon. This dose is enough to get the benefits of Inonotus obliquus without risking high oxalate consumption. If you are new to chaga, start with a lower dose and work your way up to about 2000 mg of chaga per day.

Chaga Dosage for Adults

Adults should not exceed 2000 mg of chaga per day when taken in powder form. Of course, it’s best to start with a lower dose (about 250-500mg per day) and work your way up, especially if you’re new to adaptogens. AdaptogenShroomsgranola contains 250 mg of ultra-concentrated chaga extract per serving, equivalent to 2000 mg of chaga powder.

Chaga dosage for cancer

The beneficial effects of chaga on cancer have been widely researched in animals and this mushroom has been shown to be among the best mushrooms for cancer. Unfortunately, the lack of human studies on chaga’s effects on cancer makes it difficult to determine the exact dose you should take.

In a promising Animal study 2016, the dosage used by the researchers was 6 mg per kilogram of body weight per day. If we were to apply the same dose to people, it would be about 360 mg per day for a person weighing 60 kg (132 lbs), although you can safely take up to 2000 mg of chaga mushroom powder per day.

Chaga Mushroom Dosage for Skin Health

If you take chaga for skin health, follow a lower dose (250-500 mg) and work up to 2000 mg of powder (or one serving of AdaptogenShroomsgranola) as you see fit. It is perfectly safe to use chaga topically as well, even if you consume 2000 mg of chaga each day.

Chaga mushroom dosage

Chaga dosage for dogs

Chaga is one of them the most beneficial adaptogenic mushrooms for dogs. The dose of chaga you can give your dog varies depending on its weight. As a rough estimate, you should aim for about 6 mg of chaga powder per kilogram of weight, or 3 mg per pound, as various animal studies have determined this to be a safe dose for animals.

Chaga dosage for cats

Similar to the optimal chaga dosage for dogs, animal studies suggest that you should stick to 3 mg of chaga powder per pound of body weight when giving chaga to your cats.

How Much Chaga Is Too Much?

In general, you should not take more than 2000 mg of chaga mushroom powder per day. Chaga is rich in oxalates and contains 14.2g of oxalates per 100g of mushroom powder.

When consumed in healthy doses, this mushroom is perfectly healthy, but anecdotal evidence suggests that high doses of chaga can cause oxalate nephropathy, which can lead to kidney stones and kidney failure if left untreated.

How much Chaga extract is in AdaptogenShroomsGranola?

AdaptogenShroomsgranola contains the ideal dosage of chaga to get the benefits of this mushroom without risking the side effects associated with high chaga consumption. We include high-quality ultra-concentrated extracts made from whole medicinal mushroomsincluding chaga.

Our double extraction method extracts both water-soluble beta-glucans and alcohol-soluble triterpenes. Our brewing process breaks down the indigestible chitin cell walls of the mushroom to extract far more of these bioactive compounds than conventional processes.

One serving of granola provides us with 250 mg of ultra-concentrated organic chaga mushroom extract, which is eight times more concentrated than a regular chaga supplement. So you get as much chaga activity as you would if you were taking 2000mg of mushroom powder, all in one bowl of granola.

Interested in taking Chaga?

With ours functional mushroom granola, adding chaga mushrooms to your daily routine has never been easier. The amount of chaga contained in a bowl of AdaptogenShroomsgranola is ideal for your health needs.

Mushroom  AdaptogenShroomsgranola

We use high quality chaga extract from organic mushrooms, as well as premium Cordyceps mushroom extract and lion’s mane mushroom extract.

AdaptogenShroomsgranola is vegan, gluten-free and delicious. What more could you ask for in a bowl of granola?

Frequently asked questions about Chaga dosage

What is the best way to process chaga?

The best way to process chaga is a double extraction method, which extracts both water-soluble compounds (via water extraction) and alcohol-soluble bioactive compounds (via alcohol extraction). AdaptogenShroomsuses the double extraction method to get the chaga extract, ensuring that we get all the beneficial compounds found in this mushroom in our granola.

Can chaga mushrooms cure cancer?

While chaga mushrooms cannot cure cancer by themselves, animal and human studies show that Inonotus obliquus can have incredible benefits for cancer patients. This functional mushroom has been shown to fight cancer and induce cancer cell apoptosis, which inhibits cancer growth.

What are the two sides of chaga?

Chaga grows on birch trees, but can only infect, and therefore grow on, one birch in every 20,000. In the world of medicinal mushrooms, chaga is considered one of the the healthiest mushrooms you can eat.

Unfortunately, as it is notoriously difficult to grow and in high demand, wild chaga is overharvested, which could lead to the extinction of this species. If you don’t want to contribute to chaga overharvesting, buy chaga products from companies that source this mushroom ethically (like Forij).

How do I take chaga capsules?

Chaga mushroom supplements in capsule form are quite easy to take. You can take them like any other supplement, with a few sips of water. However, chaga capsules often contain a subpar chaga extract or powder, so finding another way to consume chaga (like our granola) could be more beneficial.

What are the most common chaga supplements?

The most common chaga supplement is a powder, but you can also take this mushroom supplement in the form of chaga tea, chaga capsules, or chaga tinctures. Or, choose the higher quality, tastier option – AdaptogenShroomsgranola.

Can I take chaga with other medicinal mushrooms?

Yes, you can take chaga with other medicinal mushrooms. Taking chaga with other functional mushrooms such as reishi mushroom and turkey tail can be incredibly beneficial as you will get more benefits from each mushroom when taken together.

Is drinking chaga tea the best way to reap the benefits of chaga?

No, drinking chaga tea is not the best way to reap the benefits of chaga. Whether it’s made from raw chaga or chaga powder, you’ll get the benefits of chaga’s water-soluble compounds just by drinking it in tea form. You will get more benefits by taking a chaga extract made with a double extraction method (like the one we use).

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