Adaptogens 101: Types of Adaptogens You Should Consider Adding to Your Life

Maybe it was your yoga teacher. Maybe it was your dietitian. Maybe it was your friend Rebekah who is always on top of all the latest health trends.

Someone in your life has been going on and on about adaptogens, raving about how great they are, how they love them so much, and how they don’t know how people live without them. And you nodded knowingly and smiled in all the right places.

Only to Google later “What the hell are adaptogens?”

This has brought you to us, the adaptogen enthusiasts who will answer all your questions about the most popular types of adaptogens, how to consume adaptogens, and most importantly, what are adaptogens?

What are adaptogens?

Adaptogens are plants and fungi that, through the chemical compounds they contain, support a healthy response of the body to occasional stress arising from physical, mental, emotional and environmental factors.* These plants and fungi have a non-specific immune supporting effect , endocrine and the nervous system.*

To put it simply: it’s a natural substance that can make you feel good.*

Many Eastern healing traditions, such as Indian Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine, rely on adaptogens to promote healthy balance in the body.* They have used adaptogens, which can be herbs, berries or even fungi, for centuries to support various areas the body.*

Why use different types of adaptogens?

Occasional stress is inevitable in life. If there aren’t a dozen things that bother you during the day, you’re either on vacation in the Bahamas or a Buddhist monk.

Adaptogens may help you cope with occasional stress by promoting healthy balance in the body.* They help promote healthy stress responses, support your body’s energy and help you maintain homeostasis.*

Adaptogens support all stress responses, however, different types of adaptogens have different strengths and benefits, so assess what your body needs before choosing one to incorporate into your routine.*

Types of adaptogens: The most popular

There are dozens of adaptogens out there that may benefit your particular body.* Below are some of the most popular and effective types of adaptogens you can consume.*


Ginseng didn’t get its name, “The Root of Immortality” for nothing!*

It helps support strength, endurance and healthy energy levels within normal limits.* Unlike caffeine, it has the benefit of supporting your energy levels while also supporting the adrenal glands.* Because of these benefits, ginseng can be excellent adaptogen for athletes.*


Ashwagandha is one of the most widely used adaptogens today. It is noted for its ability to support the body’s adaptation to occasional stress and promote a healthy immune system.* While supporting the body’s energy, Ashwagandha can simultaneously promote a healthy sense of calm.* In the past, it has even been used as aphrodisiac.*


One of the benefits of Schisandra is that unlike other adaptogens it has a uniquely delicious taste. This adaptogenic berry gently helps support the immune system and the body’s natural responses to stress.* By promoting these functions, Schisandra ultimately supports healthy energy levels.*


Since ancient times, Rhodiola has been used to support endurance, strength, energy, focus, and even immune health.* It was even used as a “performance enhancer” by the Russians during the Cold War, where tested for its ability to improve the overall performance of soldiers and Olympic athletes.*


Maca powder is a delightful addition to smoothies and energy balls. It helps nourish the body, supporting your energy, healthy mood and strength.* You’ll also need the energy because this is another adaptogen that also works as an aphrodisiac.*

Cordyceps mushrooms

Cordyceps mushrooms are considered “adrenal adaptogens” due to their ability to help support healthy energy and stamina within normal limits.* These wonderful mushrooms are one of the most revered herbs in Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine, in which they are often used to support a healthy libido in older adults.*

To take advantage of Cordyceps’ adaptogenic properties, try AdaptogenShrooms’s Cordyceps Energy Tincture. It can help support energy and stamina within healthy limits, adaptability to occasional stress, athletic performance and metabolic functions.*

Reishi mushrooms

You can probably tell from the nicknames, “the mushroom of immortality,” “spirit plant,” and “10,000-year-old mushroom” that Reishi mushrooms pack a powerful punch when it comes to promoting wellness, relaxation, and healthy immune function. *

Incorporate Reishi mushrooms into your diet by trying AdaptogenShrooms’s Reishi Calm Tincture which also contains Ashwagandha. It can help support a sense of calm, immune function and cardiovascular health.*

Learn more about types of adaptogens and other natural ways to support your health by reading on AdaptogenShrooms’s blog or listening The AdaptogenShrooms Podcast!

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