Adaptogen & Nootropic Supplements: Key Differences & Similarities

People choose mushroom supplements for a variety of reasons and for many different purposes. First, mushrooms offer low-calorie, almost fat-free nutrition. Their content of B vitamins and minerals is important. As people reduce animal proteins in their diets, many are substituting vegetable and mushroom proteins.

As a functional food, mushroom supplements also offer benefits beyond simple nutrition. Their prebiotic fiber promotes a healthy gut microbiome that supports metabolic health. High concentration of beta-glucan polysaccharides is also characteristic of these special fungi. Their complex carbohydrates support healthy immune function.

Beyond the common benefits that mushroom supplements have, some have special properties that are unique to each species. Some mushrooms are classified as adaptogens, while others are classified as nootropics. These particular species can offer specific health and wellness benefits when taken regularly. Understanding their key similarities and differences will help you decide which mushroom supplements can help you achieve your goals.

What are adaptogens and nootropics?

In a perfect world, we would get all the necessary nutrition and health benefits from our diet. But due to factors including nutrient availability and personal preferences, certain needs are often lacking. To augment their nutrition, many people choose to include beneficial substances in supplement form to help them achieve their health and wellness goals. This may mean covering a deficiency or deficiency or adopting a proactive strategy. Adaptogens and nootropics are two such supplements.

One adaptogen is a substance that has wide application to support those seeking physical and emotional balance. The human body strives for balance and has the ability to maintain homeostasis even when challenged by internal or external factors. Adaptogens help your body maintain this balance in the face of physical, chemical, environmental and emotional stressors. Research continues to reveal how and why these substances help the human body maintain its balance. There is some evidence that they are active at the cellular level.

ONE nootropic is a substance that can supporting brain health and nervous system function. It can promote learning and support cognitive functions such as creativity, memory, focus and attention. It can also support nerve health. Research shows that nootropics they support neurotransmission and intracellular signaling. While some nootropics are pharmaceutical products, there are plant and mushroom supplements that provide natural cognitive support. Combining nootropics that may have synergistic effects is called “stacking.”

Compare and contrast adaptogens and nootropics

Although functional mushrooms have some common benefits, individual species may have unique characteristics due to their characteristic bioactive compounds. Some mushroom supplements provide an adaptogenic benefit when consumed regularly, while others act as nootropics. A small number of mushrooms can act as both an adaptogen and a nootropic. Comparing and contrasting their benefits will help you decide which species might help you achieve your wellness goals.

Finding the right supplement for you

The way mushrooms are grown and processed affects their value as an adaptogen or nootropic. AdaptogenShrooms Superfood controls the process from start to finish, offering the best quality mushroom supplements. Once you have decided on the health benefits you desire, finding the right mushroom supplement it will be easy. Om has a product that is right for you.

Adaptogen Supplements

For an adaptogen that promotes homeostasis and supports energy and endurance, look no further Organic Om Cordyceps Mushroom Powder mixture. Made from Cordyceps mycelial biomass and fruiting bodies grown on our in-house farm in Carlsbad, California, you can count on a quality product grown with filtered air and water in an environment free of pesticides, heavy metals and environmental toxins. For a quick way to get yours daily dose of cordyceps adaptogensis also available in convenient capsules.

Nootropic supplements

Lion’s mane supports healthy brain function as well as the growth and differentiation of nerve cells. Om Lion’s Mane Organic Mushroom Powder The mixture contains both fruiting body and mycelial biomass. Just one teaspoon provides a full-spectrum powder with bioactive compounds, including ericenones and erinacins. The versatile powder supplement can be added to your own hot drinks, smoothies or recipes. If you prefer, Om also has a lion’s mane capsule which offers a quick and portable way to get yours daily dose of lion’s mane.

Adaptogen and Nootropic Supplement in One Mushroom

For a supplement that provides both adaptogenic and nootropic benefits in a single type of mushroom, check out Organic Om Reishi Mushroom Powder mixture. This mushroom powder or capsules provide it optimal dose of reishi to support the immune system and body balance. This particular species has a long history of support for both mind and body.

For a supplement that “stacks” nootropics, give it a try Om Brain Fuel Mushroom Capsules. These capsules promote mental clarity, focus and alertness while helping to balance physical and mental stress. They are powered by lion’s mane and reishi along with the addition of folic acid.

Supporting your health and wellness goals

By considering your specific health and wellness goals, you can determine which mushroom supplement is right for you. Adaptogens support the body’s need for balance and nootropics have bioactive compounds that benefit the brain and nervous system. Although they work in different ways, they support the body’s response to stress and boost mood. These features may provide special benefits for students, athletes, gamers, busy professionals, and older adults. They are highly sought after to support meditation. With a functional mushroom supplement from AdaptogenShrooms Superfood, these health benefits are easily accessible to you.

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