A brief introduction to Biohacking 101

What’s all the fuss about biohacking and how can you get started?

Biohacking sounds like a mythical talent, only a few are capable and it will turn you into a cyborg. But that couldn’t be further from the truth! Biohacking is another modern buzzword that is gaining a lot of traction, but it actually has long-term roots in human history. One could argue that humans have been biohacking since they formed a relationship with adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms, predating Traditional Chinese Herbs and Ayurveda.

Biohacking 101:

It is true, however, that biohacking is at its peak right now. With a few quick searches, you have access to a huge research library at your fingertips. All herbs and their supporting functions quickly become available to your knowledge.* Even better, there are communities of online biohackers committed to self-experimentation, ready to update the Internet about their recent biohacking successes. The information superhighway has greatly contributed to the advancement of biohacking. But what exactly is biohacking?

Biohacking can be as simple as making small dietary changes or supplementing with adaptogens and nootropics. Coined, do-it-yourself biology because it allows individuals to gain greater control over their biological functions with relatively simple lifestyle changes.* But the results of biohacking can be quite life-changing.* Biohacking applies subtle changes and efforts to see potentially great results!* Eventually gene editing and other technological advances will really highlight the hack in biohack, but for now it’s your classic mom’n pop stuff!*

Biohacking is not only limited to nutritional supplements and diet changes, but lifestyle changes such as meditation and exercise are also considered biohacking. Anything that allows you to have some control over your physiology is considered biohacking.* Although it seems rather simple, the doctrine surrounding biohacking is revolutionary. In a world where genetics dominates most of our understanding of health, it’s refreshing to find a level of autonomy over your health and biology.*

Biohacking with mushrooms:

There are many modi operandi when it comes to biohacking, but one method we know and love is mushroom biohacking!

The Lion’s Mane: Lion’s Mane is the first “smart” mushroom and is familiar territory among biohackers. When it comes to cognitive biohacking, Lion’s Mane is considered biohacking 101. Even people who don’t experiment much with mushrooms find Lion’s Mane a great choice for cognitive support.* Lion’s Mane has a lot of power hidden behind its beard and can for a great study aid or to find a moment of clarity.* It’s no surprise that this supplement has made its way into the biohacking community. Complete with us Lion’s Mane Focus Tincture it’s a great way to start. It can help support healthy mental clarity, recall, focus and even gut health!*

Turkey Tail: Turkey Tail is a lesser-known mushroom that still claims benefits.* One of the biggest benefits of Turkey Tail is its ability to promote healthy turnover.* In the biohacking community, a supplement that can promote healthy cell cycle is considered the holy grail. Turkey Tail is a great place to start if you want to start biohacking healthy cell growth and regeneration.*

Reishi: Biohackers’ interest in Reishi’s immune-supporting properties isn’t just a sign of the times. Reishi is a great way to enter the world of biohacking, as you’ll be starting with one of the most critical bodily functions, the immune response.* Reishi is also great for promoting a sense of calm and can help you relax afterwards from a busy day. Us Reishi Calm Tincture supports immune function, cardiovascular health and the body’s ability to process occasional stress.*

Now that you’ve gotten your feet wet, it’s not so scary after all! You won’t turn into a cyborg, in fact you’ll just become an optimally supported human!* Hopefully, the nuggets you’ve gained from this blog have been great foundational steps in biohacking. But don’t stop at the mushrooms! The Internet is your oyster when considering biohacking. find trusted sources and gain autonomy in your health.

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