9 days, 9 ways – Take the 9 day challenge and transform your health


We believe in the power of mushrooms to support our systems and bring balance to our physical and mental well-being. Wunderground was built on this – a dedication to solving the ‘new normal’ of stress that many of us around the world feel. We know mushrooms work — we’ve read the study and use them ourselves, so we created the 9-Day Challenge to encourage everyone to see how uplifting a daily coffee ritual can be.

That’s why we created this healthy (and delicious) challenge for you—coffee lovers who want to feel good about what they’re drinking. Our coffee is not just the best. it has adaptogenic properties that have amazing effects on your health.

From reducing stress levels to boosting muscle endurance, here are nine ways you can transform your health—for good—with AdaptogenShrooms 9 day challenge:

Improved gut health
Your gut is one of the most important systems in the body. When things go wrong, digestive problems like gas, bloating and constipation can get extreme – not fun! Hocus Pocus is packed with mushies, including Chaga, which has been used to help balance the immune system and aid digestion for centuries.

Increased Energy
Regular coffee can give us a quick boost of energy, although this effect can be temporary, wearing off relatively quickly and leaving us more drained. Wunderground combines USDA organic coffee with mushrooms like Chaga, found in Hocus Pocus, for energy you need at work, at home or on the go—without the crash!

Immunity Enhancement

Do you have a toddler who brings germs into the house? Or maybe you’re just looking after your health. Brainchild offers a generous dose of fruity body The lion’s maneproviding antioxidants, vitamins and beta-glucans to help the body fight free radicals and keep disease at bay.

Increased Endurance
The body needs endurance to spend a day doing the things you love. Whether you’re running a marathon or Netflix and chill, Cordyceps comes to the rescue. Brain child it offers a handful of benefits such as the ability to tone the body, increase strength, and delay muscle fatigue—useful for anything that requires some physical exercise 😉.

Improved Mental Health
We are advocates for the power of mushrooms to help you mental health. One of our favorite mushrooms for calming the nerves is Reishi – one of the most important and powerful fungi that fight stress. With Reishi at Hocus Pocus and Dream Supply, we offer coffee and tea as a dynamic duo to help your brain feel comfortable.

Reduced adrenal fatigue

If you’re feeling burnt out, sluggish and groggy, your adrenal glands may be the culprit! Brainchild can help by supporting the adrenal system with the power of Cordyceps. The adaptive 1-2 punch improves the body’s ability to produce hormones that fight adrenal fatigue.

Improved sleep quality
As one of the most necessary, and sometimes demanding, parts of wellness, sleep it doesn’t always come easily. Enter adaptogens! Reishi and Lion’s Mane mushrooms combine with soothing chamomile tea in Dream Supply. It’s an end-of-day elixir for anyone who wants a little sleep support in their routine.

Improved focus
Have you ever been caught in a fog of forgetfulness, unable to remember where you put your car keys or why you walked into the kitchen? That’s where Lion’s Mane comes in. We drink Brainchild coffee to help Concentrate— a cup of this in the morning makes for a truly successful day.

Enhancing brain function
It’s time for brain support, and we’re not talking about memory foam pillows. Instead, meet the lion’s mane mushroom Brain child, which comes with two memory-enhancing bodyguards—erikenones and erinacins. These boys will help stimulate nerve growth and protect your brain.

We all deserve to be able to feel our best every day. Adaptogenic mushroom coffee is a great way to boost your health. The New Year, New Brew 9 Day Challenge is the perfect opportunity to try these amazing products and change your life in just nine days!

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